The Robloxian News, also known as TRSN (The Robloxian Star News, named as such to not compete with TamatedRNetworks, which uses the TRN acronym) is a news channel that broadcasts newsand other related content. The channel was founded on March 14, 2014, however it seems that no content has been released from the channel yet.

It could be said that TRSN is not a "news channel" in the sense of market leader Blox News Channel or BBN News, but rather a series of long-form informational current affairs pieces (such as Blox News' InDepth) rather than an actual news service.

Planned episodesEdit

1. Upcoming Films of 2014!/Happy First Birthday TRSN!
2. Show or Film? The Battle between Film Wiki and TV Wiki.
3. Game Makers earning easily?
4. ROBLOX Spending Too Much on Their Development, rather than focusing on Robloxian Behavior?
5. Hell on Roblox?
6. Directors Lazy?
7. Builderman Inactivity making players loose faith?
8. RoFormers Blockbuster Rising In Popularity!
9. Is Drex112 Getting Gas?
10. RoFormers Tops The BlockBuster List.