Rush Networks was a Robloxian TV network, owned by rTV Networks, from January 2012 until November 2012. However, it was purchased by TamatedRNetworks in 2013 and ceased all broadcasting duties, to become the owner of several companies. The group closed on October 20, 2013, as well as all of its properties, then re-opening on January 29, 2014. The group is assumed to be closed following the departure of Tamated from Roblox in August 2014.


RushNetworks was founded in in January 2012 by Flunken, and it was originally owned by rTV Networks. The Rush channel was devoted to action, adventure, and comedy programming. The channel closed in November 2012, having never launched. In 2013, the name was acquired by TamatedRNetworks with the intention of using it for a new holding company. The logo was changed in the first month of it being taken over. In June 2013, the corporate layout was changed, with the company becoming the owner of TamatedRNetworks, with TRN now being a subsidary of Rush.

On April 21, 2014, a deal between TheJaffaCakes (NickNorfolk), who was a RushRadio presenter at the time and then-current owner of The Dominion Theatre, and dactor123, who was the founder of the theatre, reached an agreement with Rush to take over the theatre. This made Rush one of the biggest media companies on ROBLOX.

As Tamated left ROBLOX in August 2014, the company is assumed to be defunct. Two of the company's former assets, the Blockland Premier League and Kurbo Paintball League, were acquired by Lava Lamp Entertainment in April 2017.

List of assetsEdit

At time of closureEdit

Other assetsEdit

  • Blockland Premier League (now owned by Lava Lamp Entertainment)
  • Kurbo Paintball League (now owned by Lava Lamp Entertainment)
  • RushBus
  • RushAir
  • RushRetail