rTV Networks, sometimes referred to as or shortened to rTVN, is a Robloxian television corporation run by BenzBot. rTV Networks owns and operates numerous television channels, including the group's namesake flagship channel, rTV. Since its launch on July 1, 2011, rTV Networks has developed into a leading Robloxian television company, and ranks among the top broadcasters in the industry. As of 2018, rTV Networks is the largest Robloxian television company by number of channels offered (only recently surpassing Lava Lamp Entertainment), and has the highest market share in the industry as measured through viewership on roTV.


Early history (2011-2013)

rTV Networks began in July 2011, just after the launch of the group's now-flagship channel rTV. During the first month of the Networks, rTV and the previously-existing Blox News Channel were separate entities run by the same person. In August 2011, Blox News was merged into the same ownership structure as rTV, thus creating the beginnings of today's rTV Networks.

At first, the rTV Networks operated out of the former Blox News Roblox group, which had the now-relatively-low Group ID of 257010, but the then-named rTV was eventually moved to its own group in November 2011. The Blox News group was taken over by TamatedRNetworks in mid-February 2013, but was soon given up by them. The 257010 GID is still used for historical purposes of rTV Networks for reasons such as determining cases of copyright infringement, but for all other uses, the group uses GID 424446.


rTV Networks' former logo, used from September 2013 until February 2018, and in the "circular" motif until January 2019.

rTV Networks initially focused on the two Blox News and rTV channels, but eventually expanded, with the launch of a third channel, Rnetwork in April 2012. Additional expansion was planned with the proposal of rTV YOYO, a family-friendly kids' channel, in late-December 2012, but the channel failed to materialize fully, and the idea of a kids' channel would not surface again until the proposal of rTV3 almost a year later in late 2013. Additional channels would bring "the rTV Networks", as the group was now dubbed (through a renaming which had taken effect mainly during late 2012 and throughout 2013) to five, with the launches of Blox in August 2013 (later defunct and relaunched in January 2017), and rTV2 later that year. Expansion would continue further with the announcement of Blox Sports and rTV Max (then a joint-venture with the user who would eventually become known as WeepinnWillow of Lava Lamp Entertainment) in 2015.

"The powerhouse of Robloxian television" and subsidiaries (2013-2015)

rTV Networks had easily become socially involved with other major network groups, most notably Roblox Networks Television, especially from 2012-2015, and to a lesser extent, the broadcasters which would later comprise the Roblox Television Networks Group. Thanks to the partial ownership (first 50%, later 25%) of RNTV by rTVN, the latter has helped the former start production on its own original series, from dramas and comedies to a weekend lifestyle block and a news program.

A number of series had been proposed by rTVN outright (through the "RNUS" production division set up by the company at the time) and sent to RNTV for broadcast since the start rTVN's involvement, most of which reached pre-production development. In 2016, however, rTVN shifted its priorities to more insular affairs, and began looking towards developing its own content slate first before branching out elsewhere. rTV Networks has never publicly stated the fate of the series it had proposed for RNTV.

At the time, rTV Networks was behind or helping to develop a vast majority of Robloxia's upcoming television series, through partnerships or just general program syndication (largely with talk shows). Due to this major involvement in Robloxian television development at the time, rTV Networks considered itself "the powerhouse of Robloxian television". Throughout much of 2013, rTV Networks was very stagnant in helping produce a lot of these programs, however, which in turn slowed down the general Robloxian television industry. rTVN vowed to be more aggressive in program production in January 2014, and would finish production on a relatively small amount of content in 2014 and 2015.

On November 9, 2014, rTVN acquired Gavent Television Group and ROFlix from their respective owners and they became rTVN's first subsidiary companies, rTV Networks Gavent and rTV Networks RoFlix. rTV Networks RoFlix would shut down on February 28, 2015, and rTV Networks Gavent would close on May 23, 2015, to be spun back off into Gavent Networks.

In 2015, rTV Networks focused on development of content for the potential launch of a number of its channels. This mainly centered on writing a number of scripted series which had long been planned for rTVN channels (mainly Rnetwork) but had been underdeveloped. On August 10, 2015, BenzBot announced a structuring plan for rTV Networks, following several months of inactivity in the group. He stated that the first focus of rTVN would be on rTV and Rnetwork, and that rTV2 and rTV Max would be part of a second wave of channel launches. This continued to be the goal of rTV Networks for the remainder of the year.

Acquisitions and launches (2016-2017)

On September 6, 2016, rTV Networks made an agreement with Robloxiwood filmmaker coollegodude1 to broadcast his films (except for Alone and The Closet, out of director preference) on rTV Networks channels. A similar deal was made with fellow Robloxiwood filmmaker Thecapcomfreak for the Robloxian television rights to his films (encompassing all of his work from 2013 onward with some exceptions) on November 14, 2016.

On March 31, 2017, Gavent Networks closed, and rTV Networks acquired the majority of the former company. rTVN relaunched rTV Networks Gavent as a holding subsidiary for the properties they acquired: GTV, RMT, RMTEDM, Flickz, Knowledge, and JERK. The channel properties were repositioned or relaunched as a game show network, Viva Roblox, Viva2, Blox Flickz, and rTV Life, respectively; JERK was moved into direct ownership in May 2017 but was ultimately sold to Lava Lamp Entertainment in December 2017.

On June 3, 2017, rTV Networks launched rTV3, finally bringing its kids' channel concept to fruition. The channel would become among the most popular channels of 2017, despite its exclusivity to the roTV premium television platform.

Changes and transitions (2018)


The first "circular" logo, launched transitionally in February 2018 and used until the launch of the current logo.

On February 26, 2018, rTV Networks launched its first corporate rebrand in several years; replacing the "color bars" motif which the company had been using for almost four years (and which had grown increasingly cluttered through the acquisition of Gavent Networks, which doubled the size of the company) with a new "circular" motif. It was considered that certain elements of the former "color bars" branding would still be used despite the rebrand, at least initially, though it is uncertain whether this will be carried out. Additionally, there was a potential to change the company's longtime typeface, the Museo family; however, such a move would not occur until almost eleven months later in January 2019.

On March 22, 2018, rTV Networks launched its music channels, Viva Roblox and Viva2, following nearly a year of direct ownership (through RMT) and nearly four years of development.

On April 9, 2018, rTV Networks assumed operational control of its friendly rival, Lava Lamp Entertainment, initially on a temporary basis, as company owner WeepinnWillow was forced to take a break from the industry for a time due to mental health issues. On April 17, 2018, WeepinnWillow opted to fully exit the Robloxian television industry, thus making the temporary operational management a permanent acquisition. Lava Lamp Entertainment now exists as a subsidiary of rTV Networks, which makes rTVN full owners of both LLE's television operations as well as former joint ventures rTV Max and Nations Television. At the time of the acquisition, rTVN owner BenzBot stated he doesn't plan to change much about the company just yet, instead focusing on navigating both companies through the upcoming Robloxian television transition. rTVN would sell off 70% of the company back to WeepinnWillow upon her return on May 22, 2018, only to reacquire it as she departed again on September 1, 2018, and to sell it back yet again on December 8, 2018.

As the 2018 Robloxian television transition neared, rTV Networks led the charge in launching its future high-definition channels, starting with seven such channels on April 21, 2018; specifically, high-definition simulcasts of rTV, Blox News Channel, Rnetwork, Viva Roblox, Viva2, and Blox Sports, as well as rTV HD2, serving as a testing channel and service for channels not yet launched in HD. rTVN vowed to launch all of its channels in HD by July 1, 2018, the seventh anniversary of the company. While the company failed to reach their own personal deadline, as the last of their HD channels launched on July 4, they managed to launch all of their channels (save for those owned by Nations Television) prior to the transition deadline of July 9.

"Giants.": Pushing forward (2019)

In the fall of 2018, rTV Networks faced increasing criticism from certain individuals about their focus on launching IRL-content channels in recent years. rTVN vowed to move towards focusing on its Robloxian-content brands in 2019, and currently has plans to develop a large roster of series. At RTNG MediaCon Winter 2019, rTV Networks officially announced this shift in focus, along with a new logo and slogan, "Giants." The new brand is an update of the "circular" look soft-launched in February 2018. The company announced at the convention that it was still looking to work on both Robloxian- and IRL-content channels, but had acknowledged it had not been working as hard on the former in recent years. rTVN then proceeded to announce it had over 30 Robloxian-content series in development across its channels, as well as other updates on the company's projects.

While initially, it was allowed to refer to an rTVN channel as "an rTV Network" and the group of channels as "the rTV Networks", more recently, since approximately 2015, this use as been discouraged and discontinued in further discussions of the channels, in favor of "an rTV Networks channel" and "the rTV Networks channels", respectively, as rTV Networks has developed into the brand for the holding company itself.




Main article: rTV

Owned from: July 2011 - present

Broadcasts: Thursday-Friday 5pm - ?, weekends 4pm - ? (planned)

rTV is the main network of the rTV Networks, featuring general entertainment programming. It launched on July 1, 2011, and features shows such as Roblox is Off Their Rockers!@TheIronCafe, and Placejumping.

Blox News Channel

Main article: Blox News Channel

Owned from: Fall 2010 - August 2011 (as an independent channel), August 2011 - present (as an rTV Network)

Broadcasts: Friday 6pm - ?, weekends 5pm - ? (planned)

Blox News Channel, or simply Blox News, is rTVN's news outlet, providing news and information from Robloxia and the world. It features not only news programming, like flagship program Blox News and World24, but also features opinion programs as well, such as Roblox Central and The Conversation.


Main article: Rnetwork

Owned from: 2012 - present

Broadcasts: Thursday-Friday 6pm - ?, weekends 5pm - ? (planned)

Rnetwork is rTVN's channel aimed at a teenage audience, similar to RN2. Programs planned include RespawnLockdown, and Tegan.

rTV Fun

Main article: rTV Fun

Owned from: September 2, 2017 - present

Broadcasts: Daily, 11am-9pm ET

rTV Fun is a children's cartoon network, acting as a free-to-air sibling channel to rTV3. It initially began, on May 18, 2017, when SuperLol211 left the ROBLOX TV industry, giving his channel DogeTV to rTVN. rTVN then sold back a majority interest to SuperLol on September 2, 2017, with rTV Fun replacing the channel in the rTV Networks portfolio.


Main article: rTV2

Owned from: August 27, 2011 - present

Broadcasts: Daily 3pm-9pm ET (planned)

rTV2 is an upcoming channel focusing mainly on talk show programming. Some of this will come from archival and carryover content that rTVN already has the rights to (such as Gavent and Newcastlefan), but rTVN says that they plan to add original series onto the channel as well. rTV2 was initially planned to be the first Robloxian television channel to potentially be available twenty-four hours a day, thanks to a new format being tested by the rTV Networks. Originally, this channel was planned to remove talk show programming from the main rTV, but it now looks like rTV2 will be an addition to rTV's current talk shows.


Main article: rTV3

Owned from: Late 2013 - present

Broadcasts: 24 hours

rTV3 would aim at an all-ages audience, but skew to older children, similar to Australian channel ABC3. The 24/7 channel would air shows which would otherwise be seen on rTV YOYO (as rTV3 would generally replace rTV YOYO), as well as more "interesting" series (childrens' programming with themes further outside a generally family-friendly area, as would be seen on YOYO) and a few original series. The channel would be named in order (and launched) after rTV2. The channel's main content would be recent American, Canadian, and European children's series, but the channel would also air other international series, as well as King of the Hill and classic late-1990s/early-2000s programming later in the night. The channel has been set aside for the time being due to the still-experimental nature of IRL television in Robloxia. The channel has been de-prioritized as of November 9, 2014, with a review of the channel planned. In 2017, the channel has been put back into development, and the channel launched on June 3, 2017.


Main article: rTV3+

Owned from: August 2015 - present

In August 2015, an extension channel to rTV3 was proposed called rTV3+. Were rTV3 to launch, this channel would offer an overflow outlet for programming which may not necessarily fit on the main network. The channel was refreshed during and after development of rTV3 to largely serve as a channel airing repeats of rTV3 series, as programming initially planned for rTV3+ was not available to source at the time.


Main article: rTV3 GT

Owned from: May 14, 2017 - present

rTV3 GT is a spinoff of rTV3 focusing on male-skewing series and cartoons, both repeated from the rTV3 schedule and exclusive to the channel. The channel was initially developed as a block for rTV3+, but soon expanded beyond that into a new channel in its own right.

rTV3 Edge HD

Main article: rTV3 Edge HD

rTV3 Edge HD is a spinoff of rTV3 focusing on the programming formerly seen during the channel's late-evening programming block on rTV3's Original Livestream feed prior to its closure.

rTV Life

Main article: rTV Life

Owned from: May 26, 2017 - present

rTV Life is rTV Networks' channel focused on "Robloxian culture and lifestyle", featuring programming about various aspects of Roblox. The channel was initially known as Knowledge, which aired educational programming, and was originally owned by Hexahedron Media Networks when it launched in November 2015; the channel was reinstated as a joint-venture between them and Gavent Networks in September 2016, but HMN pulled out of the channel suddenly soon after the announcement, leaving GN as the sole owner. When rTVN acquired GN in March 2017, Knowledge was among the networks they received; the channel was rebranded and refocused as rTV Life on May 26, 2017.


Main article: RMT

Owned from: April 11, 2017 - January 25, 2019 (as Viva Roblox); March 31, 2017 - April 11, 2017 and January 25, 2019 - present (as RMT)

RMT is a Robloxian music television channel, playing a mixture of pop and dance music. The current RMT originated as two separate concepts: the original RMT, launched by Gavent Television Group (later Gavent Networks) in January 2014, and Viva Roblox, proposed by rTV Networks in May 2014. rTV Networks acquired Gavent Networks, including RMT, in March 2017, and used the channel to launch Viva Roblox in April 2017. Following the discontinuation of the "Viva" brand IRL, rTVN renamed the channel RMT on January 25, 2019.


Main article: RMT2

Owned from: March 31, 2017 - May 17, 2017 (as RMTEDM), May 17, 2017 - January 25, 2019 (as Viva2), January 25, 2019 - present (as RMT2)

RMT2 is a Robloxian music television channel which focuses on dance, indie, and electronic music, and is seen as more of an "experimental" music channel in comparison to the main RMT channel. The channel began as RMTEDM under Gavent Networks ownership, focusing exclusively on EDM, but was then relaunched with its current broader format by rTVN as Viva2 upon its acquisition of Gavent Networks and the rebrand of RMT as Viva Roblox. The channel's name was changed to RMT2 in line with the rebrand of Viva Roblox back to RMT on January 25, 2019.


Main article: GTV

Owned from: March 31, 2017 - May 26, 2017 (as a general entertainment channel), May 26, 2017 - present (reformatted)

GTV is an IRL-content Robloxian television channel specializing in airing game shows and similar content. It previously served as the general-entertainment flagship of Gavent Networks, which rTV Networks acquired the majority of on March 31, 2017; the channel was reformatted into a game show network on May 26, 2017.


Main article: Blox

Owned from: August 5, 2013 - November 9, 2014 and Augusst 13, 2015 - January 16, 2016 (as a joint venture), November 9, 2014 - May 23, 2015 and January 24, 2017 - present (as an rTV Networks channel)

Blox was originally created by rTV Networks and Gavent Television Group, in early August 5, 2013, as the result of a misunderstanding and a coincidence. rTVN's acquisition of GTG made Blox a fully-owned rTVN channel in November 2014, before returning to a joint-venture in August 2015 following the spinoff of the former GTG into Gavent Networks. Blox closed on January 16, 2016, but was relaunched by rTVN as a "premium flagship" channel, featuring movies and some series, on January 14, 2017. The channel was retooled as a basic-premium general entertainment channel on January 6, 2019, reverting to the previously-used 2013 logo.

Blox Premium

Main article: Blox Premium

Owned from: March 31, 2017 - May 26, 2017 (as Flickz), May 26, 2017 - January 6, 2019 (as Blox Flickz), January 6, 2019-present (as Blox Premium)

Blox Premium originated as Blox Flickz, a spinoff of Blox launched in May 2017 focusing exclusively on movies; itself a rebrand of Flickz, Gavent Networks' effective competitor to Blox, prior to its acquisition by rTV Networks on March 31, 2017. Blox Flickz was relaunched as Blox Premium on January 6, 2019, taking up its former parent's position as a "premium flagship" channel, as the original Blox moved downmarket to become a basic premium channel.

Blox Sports

Main article: Blox Sports

Owned from: August 4, 2013 - present

Broadcasts: At least evenings 6pm - midnight (planned)

On August 4, 2013, it was heard that BenzBot is planning on launching a sports network, which would have competed with the roSports channel now indefinitely shelved. The channel, named Blox Sports, will strengthen on the Blox name started by Blox News Channel and continued by the launch of Blox. The channel will feature Robloxian and IRL sports news, as well as creating a platform to broadcast Robloxian sports (tape-delayed due to the issues currently in existance over live broadcasts on Robloxian television networks). The channel went into development on January 28, 2015 in the wake of increased competition in the Robloxian sports market.

Blox Sports 2

Main article: Blox Sports 2

Blox Sports 2 is a spinoff channel of Blox Sports, created through the acquisition of Lava Lamp Entertainment's Lava Sports 2 in May 2018.

rTV Max

Main article: rTV Max

Owned from: January 9, 2015 - present

Broadcasts: At least evenings 6pm - midnight (planned)

rTV Max is positioned as rTV Networks' premium series channel, focusing mainly on original and acquired comedies and dramatic programming. The channel is owned by and is, for most purposes, an rTV Networks channel, but Lava Lamp Entertainment also has a stake in the network.


Main article: rTV HD2

Launched in April 2018 as a channel for testing programming in advance of the 2018 Robloxian television transition, rTV HD2 now serves as an IRL-content general entertainment channel.




rTV UK served as a timeshift of programming from rTV Networks channels to make them better timed for British audiences. Programs would include Placejumping, @TheIronCafe, and a UK-tailored version of Blox News, titled Blox News Britain. Programming on rTV UK would air from about 3-5pm ET (8-10pm in the UK, coinciding with the Thursday and Friday night airing hours of RN), and episodes would generally air later than their premieres on the US-centric rTV Networks channels. The channel appeared on roTV channel 131 on November 2, 2017; it is unknown as to when the channel will properly launch. In June 2018, rTV Networks admitted there were no plans to move rTV UK to another service as part of the 2018 Robloxian television transition; however, rTVN says it is still looking into ways to serve UK audiences, through either this or another channel.



Owned from: January 2012 - November 1, 2012

Rush was a joint partnership channel between rTV Networks and Flunken, star of rTV series Invention of the Day. The channel was set to feature action, adventure, and comedy programming, as well as repeats of some RN shows fitting in this genre (now to be on Rnetwork) and Invention of the Day. Flunken quit Rush on November 1, 2012, and the group was in the possession of BenzBot until sometime in December 2012. The group was in the control of TamatedRNetworks for a short time before given up completely before the end of the year. In March 2013, TRN retook the group, but was scrapped completely as a TV network, and instead was turned into a parent company of TamatedRNetworks' properties (see TamatedRNetworks#May_2013_Return_to_Broadcasting). TRN's version of Rush ceased to exist (along with all the properties it owned) on October 20, 2013, thus finally and officially killing off the Rush name for good.

rTV3 Retro

Main article: rTV3 Retro

Owned from: June 1, 2017 - December 30, 2017

Broadcasts: Unknown

rTV3 Retro was a classic cartoons network, co-owned with Overtime Studios. The network focused on cartoons from the 1940s to the 1990s, as well as a small amount of live action content. The network started as a pitch to BenzBot about a new joint-venture in a classic cartoon network, which he later accepted. Content on the network was managed by Overtime, while rTVN managed the operational aspects of the network.


Seven future rTV Networks were proposed as ideas at one time or another, of which two have gone into development as full rTV Networks, two have been dropped completely, and three are still suggested for potential future rTV Networks.

rTV West

In a similar vein to rTV UK, rTV Networks announced on December 11, 2013 the ideas for a second timeshift channel called rTV West. The channel would be aimed at viewers in the Pacific Time Zone (compared to the main rTV Networks' base in the Eastern Time Zone and rTV UK's aim at viewers in GMT/BST), similar to West Coast feeds of IRL television channels. Like rTV UK, the channel will air twenty-four hours a day, with some programming being aired directly time-shifted three hours later, and others airing at a different, but similar time compared with the channel's Eastern Time Zone counterparts.

Blox News Trades

An extension of Blox News Channel, Blox News Trades would offer news and information of concern to gear traders and Let's Make A Deal forum members. The channel would especially focus on new Limited and Limited Unique items and the currency exchange, and offer viewers advice on investments and trading and utilizing the tools of Roblox's trading system to profit. BenzBot explains the channel would be "somewhat like the CNBC of Blox News' output". Due to the demise of the Tickets currency (and therefore, the currency exchange), Blox News Trades has been deprioritized.

Blox News Nations

An extension of Blox News Channel, Blox News Nations would offer news and information of interest to the Ro-Nations community, a group rTVN is trying to reach out to to expand the channel's content.

Blox Sports Clans

An extension of Blox Sports, Blox Sports Clans would offer coverage exclusively of clan battles and related news and events. Although not necessarily a "fan" of clans himself, BenzBot stated that "clans are a big market, and there'd probably be quite a demand for this kind of a channel."


rTV HD is a proposed channel which would feature content from rTVN channels in high-definition. The channel has resurfaced in 2017 following threats to the continued viability of the Original Livestream platform which most of the industry uses to broadcast.

Former proposals

The following channel ideas were proposed but have since been dropped as candidates for potential future rTVN projects.

rTV IRL (named after the text-language term "IRL", "in real life") would be a channel airing popular real-life series, which would have competed with the three main roChannels had their role in the roTV project not been indefinitely suspended. The channel would feature a general-entertainment mix of mostly American series. Currently it seems that the plans for rTV IRL have been scrapped, but some elements of the channel live on in the plans for rTV3.

A mock of rTV YOYO logos.

'rTV YOYO (YOYO being a backronym for the channel's slogan, "you're only young once") would be a channel that would be either a separate channel or timesharing with rTV (on rTV's off days Monday through Thursday) that would be generally aimed at kids and feature a mix of original series and real-life series. Shows on rTV YOYO would include real-life series Phineas and Ferb and Fish Hooks, as well as MiniYOYO, which "despite its name, focuses on smaller works and series, not young children", rTVN jokes. The idea for rTV YOYO has been folded into rTV3.

Other assets


Main Article: REN


Owned from: Early 2012 - September 3, 2013 (as REN), November 9, 2014 - February 28, 2015 (as rTV Networks RoFlix)

Roblox Entertainment Network, or REN, was a network owned by rTV Networks thanks to a deal between REN's previous owner and BenzBot. The channel features more sports programming than entertainment programming, despite its name. On August 13, 2013, Jonmar1 falsely reported that he had bought the name rights to REN from BenzBot. BenzBot gave the REN name to Jonmar on September 3, 2013, both as a strategy to get rid of the REN ownership, and to free up the RTN name for use by the Roblox Television Networks Group, as Jonmar had been using the RTN name up to that point. The channel eventually became known as ROFlix, and was reacquired by rTV Networks on November 9, 2014 and formed into the subsidiary rTV Networks RoFlix (see below). Jonmar1 closed rTV Networks RoFlix on February 28, 2015, and the group was acquired in the fall of 2015 by MichaelIsGr8 and is now the unrelated RoFlix Productions.

21st Century Blox

Owned from: Early 2012 - present

21st Century Blox is rTV Networks' film production division, launched around the same time as rTV. The show is mostly a holding company now, as it has not worked on any films since summer 2011. The company is the least known unit of the Networks, and has been long-forgotten by many.

On October 29, 2013, AGtv Movies proposed a production deal with 21st Century Blox to co-produce three of AGTVM's films (not one after another specifically). BenzBot said that he would think about the deal, and has not accepted nor denied the offer yet.

Notable Events

Copyright Infringement

There have been several incidents where rTV Networks has had to take action for copyright infringement. rTV Networks has immediate copyright over any items containing the rTV or Blox names. This was to make sure that any additional channels in the future (for example, Blox Sports, at the time) would have no problems with copyright infringement.

In May 2013, rTVN notified user itvfood, an rTVN and RTNG member, about infringement when groups and decals using the rTV name were found on his profile, with the name set up similarly to the 1998-2006 ITV logo. The user removed such content at rTVN's request. 

rTVN says that three more cases will be coming up soon -- two for the use of the rTV name, and one for the theft of the description of the now-defunct Blox News group (which was the original group for rTVN, before it got its own group). For purposes of copyright, rTVN uses the group URL of that group (GID 257010) for group dating purposes.


On October 23, 2013, rTV Networks head BenzBot said that there would be a review of rTV Networks' properties over the next several weeks. This would be mainly focusing on the Networks' programming output, but would also deal with some other matters. BenzBot said that the reorganization could lead to the launch of rTV2, and a test for rTV3 is also slightly possible, but programming on Rnetwork and Blox News is likely to remain unchanged, however.

As of December 12, 2013, the results of the reorganization include the cancellation of the Thursday night broadcasts of rTV, Rnetwork, and Blox News, in favor of longer Friday and weekend broadcasts, as well as the launch of rTV2, with a test for rTV3 also very possible. Several new series (scripted and unscripted) were planned for Rnetwork, with others removed from rTV's lineup. rTVN group owner BenzBot states that rTV, rTV2, and Rnetwork could all launch together in early 2014.

Acquisition of Gavent Television Group and RoFlix

On November 9, 2014, AGavent requested the start of talks to merge Gavent Television Group, his television company, and ROFlix, owned by Jonmar1, into the rTV Networks. Discussion was made primarily between BenzBot and AGavent; jonmar1 was contacted by AGavent to discuss developments only and was absent from the actual negotiations. The merger is, in a way, a reiteration of an earlier attempt to acquire AGTV from AwesomeGavent (as both were named at the time) in March 2013, which succeeded but fell apart four months later. The original intent by AGavent was to create a conglomerate of the three companies under a new parent company (which he called "TriVision"); however BenzBot wanted to acquire GTG and ROFlix as subsidiaries of rTV Networks, maintaining their autonomy but falling under the greater realm of rTVN. Per the deal, AGavent maintained the rights to previous names of GTG channels and services, and would receive the naming rights to current channels which were consolidated into their rTVN counterparts. RNFL Network would remain in its current state until the launch of Blox Sports, at which point the channel would be renamed to fall in line with the new channel. GTG's news channel, Gavent Network News, would be closed down following the deal, but the network's resources would be merged into Blox News Channel. GN2 was merged with rTV3, however the new larger network will cast aside in favor of other operations. The merger means that Blox is now a fully-owned rTV Network; however AGavent maintains the title of Co-Manager of Content and Programming for Blox. Gavent Network, despite its prevalent similarities to both rTV and Rnetwork, will remain separate due to AGavent's plan to have half-ownership of rTV were the channels to merge, which BenzBot disagreed with. Flickz and Roblox Music Television would remain unchanged. Gavent Network Movies will merge with Gavent Pictures within the division. ROFlix would remain unchanged. AGavent and Jonmar1 agreed to the deal hours later, and the new divisions were renamed rTV Networks Gavent and rTV Networks RoFlix respectively.



rTV's "One Year of Entertaining Robloxia" logo.

One Year of Entertaining Robloxia

In the month of July 2012, rTV celebrated its one year anniversary by using the image at right as its group logo and in the rTV Headquarters and Studios. The logos featured on the bottom, from left to right, are rTV, Blox News, partner Roblox Networks, the now-defunct Rush, and Rnetwork. The logo stayed up through the first few days in August, but was quickly changed back to the default group logo at the time shortly after.

Two Years of Entertaining Robloxia


The two-year anniversary logo.

Just after midnight on July 1, 2013, rTV Networks released its two-year anniversary logo, which will be used on the group for the month of July. (Due to Roblox's content management process, the logo was not actually revealed until the early hours of that morning.) The new logo features the same setup as last year's (see above), with certain parts of the logo becoming thicker, and full-color versions of the network logos (rTV, Blox News, Rnetwork, and still showing partner RN, now the channel instead of the corporation) more evenly spaaced at the bottom, instead of red (or in the case of Blox News, red-tinted) versions of the logos. rTVN said in group shouts leading up to the launch of the logo that they were doing something big to celebrate the event. There were two hints given: On July 1st, "it involves a place." On July 2nd: "It involves filming." Several players have already seen "the big thing", and nobody had told what it was. It was revealed mid-month, without fanfare, that a new HQ and Studios had been built, and had been in operation since the start of the month. The logo was taken down around 11:51am on August 1, 2013.

Three Years of the rTV Networks

RTVN 3years

The three-year anniversary logo, as seen on the group page.

July 1st, 2014 was the three-year anniversary since rTV's launch, and on July 2nd, a special three-year-anniversary group logo was posted to celebrate. The new logo departed from the "Entertaining Robloxia" tagline, however still kept the large numeral. The rTV Networks logo was used as rTVN had been phasing out the rTV logo for corporate branding in favor of the new logo. The logos at the bottom denoted the new "core" rTV Networks at the bottom: rTV, Blox News, Rnetwork, and new additions rTV2 and Blox which had been announced over the past year. The Roblox Networks Television partnership was also played off due to rocky relations between rTVN and RNTV in recent periods, and to focus more on the properties the group owned outright.

Four Years of Robloxian Television Innovation

RTVN 4years

On July 1, 2015, rTV Networks celebrated its fourth anniversary with a new group logo, as had been done in previous years. This year, rTV Networks focused on the innovation that they have introduced into the industry, mainly through the Robloxian Television Networks Group. As previously, the "core" rTV Networks are featured in the new rTVN branding style. BenzBot has seen this logo as the start of more activity and progress within the group, which he backed up with announcements concerning programming production and network launches the following month.

Fifth anniversary

rTV Networks did not really celebrate its fifth anniversary, due to general inactivity from BenzBot. The only recognition of the event's passing was the posting of a group status update four days after the anniversary, on July 5. Most of the celebration occurred at RTNG MediaCon Winter 2017 in January 2017 with a special booth.


For the company's sixth anniversary in July 2017, rTV Networks decked out their Twitter handle and their booth at RTNG MediaCon Summer 2017 (held later that month) in a special color scheme for the occasion.