RN3 is an upcoming Robloxian television channel run by Roblox Networks. The channel will feature recent repeats of series from RN and RN2 to give viewers a second chance to watch popular RNTV programming.


As a music channel (May 2010-November 2011)Edit

RN3 began in May 2010 as a music channel. The channel's themed content blocks and programming included such shows as RobloxLIVEListenLife, and HIT20 Chart. The channel never broadcast under this format, however, the general idea for RNTV to have a music channel did return when the group started MixTV in October 2013, three and a half years later.

As a teen channel (November 2011-May 2012)Edit

As BenzBot began to influence Roblox Networks, RN3 had started to shift into an entertainment channel aimed at teenagers. Several action-packed programs were planned for this second version of the channel, such as Extremes and Dragonclan. The channel even got a flashy branding montage designed by BenzBot himself, which featured the network's then-new logo in a vivid environment of lime green, turquoise, pink, and yellow. The channel never broadcast in this format either, and shut down in May 2012, two years after its original launch, to be merged into RN2, which prior to this did not have a clearly-defined theme. RN2 lasted another ten months until the merger of it and its sister primary channel into RN.

Rebirth and relaunch (January 2014-present)Edit

In January 2014, Roblox Networks Television decided that they would begin to work on multichannels again (although they had already done this by launching music channel MixTV two months earlier). RNTV co-owner SuperLemonade announced the reinstatement of the former RN2 and RN3, with RN2 to keep its pre-closure teenage format, and for RN3 to be a channel for recent repeats of RN series, similar to 4seven in the UK.

On March 16, 2014, RNTV announced major format changes for its channels: RN, RN2, and RN3 would broadcast ad-free, while MixTV would air advertisements. Also announced were that RN would air during its historical Thursday-through-Sunday airing week, while RN2 and RN3 received Friday-through-Monday airing weeks. MixTV would broadcast 24/7, but only air its programming blocks on Fridays through Mondays.

Logo historyEdit