LSN (an initialism of Lava Sports Network) is an upcoming Robloxian sports channel owned by Lava Lamp Entertainment, through its Lava Sports division. The channel will feature general sports programming, such as Robloxian sports league games and discussion and analysis programs. The channel was known as Lava Sports 1 from April 2, 2017 to May 22, 2018.



Lava Sports 1's logo, used from April 2, 2017 to May 22, 2018

Lava Lamp Entertainment launched their Lava Sports division in October 2016 and began planning three new channels: Lava Sports 1, Lava Sports 2 and Lava Sports 3. For a while, little progress was made in the development of the services, with Lava Lamp opting to focus on niche channels such as Cartoon Everything. Lava Lamp then revealed a logo for Lava Sports 1 without any prior announcement on April 2, 2017, as well as ordering a sports news/analysis show for the network, SportsHub.

Following the sale of Lava Sports 2 to rTV Networks on May 22, 2018, Lava Sports 1 was rebranded LSN. The move also coincided with the launch of the network's HD feed.


Lava Lamp has currently ordered one program for LSN: SportsHub, which features a similar format to ESPN's SportsCenter. The company is also in the process of looking for sports leagues interested in having events on the network. The network has already secured the rights to two leagues: the Big XII Baseball League and Roblox National Football Association, and are currently in talks with the Roblox National Hockey League to broadcast matches. On June 2, 2017, Lava Lamp Entertainment secured broadcast rights to Revolutionary Championship Wrestling matches. As part of Lava Lamp's acquisition of All Millennium Wrestling on May 26, 2018, LSN began carrying AMW coverage.